How We Work

Telia Law has as its slogan, “Harvard-trained, Brooklyn tough.” Telia graduated from Harvard Law School so the first part is obvious. But what does it mean to be “Brooklyn tough?”

First, let us say what it does not mean: It does not mean being aggressive, hostile, or uncooperative with opposing parties, counsel, or the court. Clients sometimes think they want their lawyers to act “tough” in this way, but that often leads to inefficient results. This is not what Telia Law means by being Brooklyn-“tough.”

We do not charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars in an unnecessary and unfruitful battle of wills or a futile and self-serving “scorched earth” policy. Those kinds of efforts usually only benefit one party—the lawyers. Rather, we try to save you money by working with opposing counsel whenever possible, and conceding where it does not prejudice your case. We are polite. We are courteous. We are good-natured.

But we are tough. We stay true to the ideals of battle, being honorable and sure to see a matter to its proper conclusion, no matter the challenges. We provide unwavering and committed advocacy, even in the face of adversity and slim odds. We do whatever it takes to get you the best outcome we can.

It is this approach that has earned Ms. Williams a place of regard in the Nevada legal community. Lawyers and judges have complimented her performance in and outside of the courtroom. One Nevada district court judge, in hearing that Ms. Williams was leaving Las Vegas to practice law for a couple years in Washington, D.C., personally wrote to Ms. Williams to lament her departure and to praise her professionalism.   Indeed, Ms. Williams has shown such civility and eagerness to work with her opponents that opposing counsel have referred clients to her and even nominated Ms. Williams for Nevada’s Best Attorneys, Legal Elite.

This is being “Brooklyn tough.”